Hear about the science of sensitivity from Dr Elaine Aron

Celebrating the publication of the first professional handbook on high sensitivity – Vantage is hosting a webinar featuring Dr Elaine Aron & colleagues.

Join Dr Elaine Aron and leading sensitivity researchers Dr Jadzia Jagiellowicz, Dr Bianca Acevedo and Dr Judith Homberg explaining their findings from The Highly Sensitive Brain book.

The Highly Sensitive Brain Webinar

This event is for HSPs themselves, so they can access the same information their psychologists and doctors are reading. All attendees will receive a recording of the webinar.

We will be sharing research from the first ever handbook on high sensitivity for HSP professionals, The Highly Sensitive Brain, edited by Dr Bianca Acevedo. Each scientist will tell you about their findings and then take questions about research in the book, which you can submit in advance or ask live in the webinar.

By joining the webinar, you will learn about the causes of high sensitivity and the highly sensitive brain. You will learn about health for HSPs, including mental health and working with a therapist.

Proceeds fund our campaigns

The webinar is organised by Vantage and our Expert Advisor, Dr Jadzia Jagiellowicz. Jadzia is a researcher and coach, offering science-based coaching for HSPs. Find out more about coaching sessions with Jadzia.

The webinar will be hosted by Rosie Raleigh, CEO of Vantage: The Campaign for Highly Sensitive People. Proceeds from the event will help fund Vantage’s work to raise awareness and increase acceptance of high sensitivity.