Vantage: a charity campaigning for HSPs

Introducing Vantage: the new HSP charity

People who are highly sensitive have a lower threshold for stimulation, and often struggle in the loud, pressured environments which are now common, particularly in our schools and workplaces. This overstimulation leads to physical and mental health problems. Sadly, highly sensitive people are also often stigmatised and excluded. We can prevent these problems through greater awareness of high sensitivity, and creating environments which suit people with all levels of sensitivity.

Vantage is a charitable, non-profit organisation working to create a world where the benefits of high sensitivity are appreciated, and the needs of highly sensitive people are taken into account. We campaign to increase awareness and acceptance of high sensitivity – for some of our work, see our Facebook and Instagram pages. Vantage also runs mindfulness courses to support HSPs’ health and well-being. Finally, Vantage works with partner organisations to create environments which prevent health problems among highly sensitive people.

High sensitivity: a form of neurodiversity

High sensitivity is a form of neurodiversity found in over 100 species. Environmental sensitivity is a genetic trait, and MRI scans show the brains of highly sensitive people work differently. Highly sensitive people offer unique advantages: their deeper processing of information makes them more creative and empathetic. And in supportive environments, highly sensitive people do better than others, which scientists refer to as vantage sensitivity. Take this online psychometric test to find out if you or your child is highly sensitive, and learn more about scientific research on high sensitivity and resources for highly sensitive people.

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Vantage is a non-profit organisation, dependent on donations from people like you to fund our campaigns for highly sensitive people.

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